Christian Education

Responsible for Christian Education programs.


Develops and administers youth programs.

Children's Ministry Team

Develops and manages Children's Ministries.

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacon assists our Pastor and Elders in the personal ministry to the members of the congregation, Our three fold Mission: A. To share with all Zion members and organizations the privilege,right, and responsibility to show Christian Love, B. To insure that every member is cared for by the congregation. C. To be a human expression of Zion's commitment to have its people in ministry to each other.

Human Need

Connects congregation to community needs.

Public Relations

Presents Zion's ministries to community.


Responsible for spiritual needs of congregation.


Board of Evangelism

Women's Guild

Women's Guild with connection to LWML and Cincinnati Federation Auxiliary


Manages congregation wide activities.

Monday Morning Bible Study

Women's Bible study meeting in homes or at church -- contacts Karen Vollbracht, Sue Shrey

Tues. Evening Ladies Study

Women's Bible Study that meets every other week on Tuesday evening (7:30pm) in member's home.


Chancel Choir sings at Classic Worship

Praise Team

Contemporary worship leadership team.

Church Council

Assembly of Officers, Board Chairs, Staff. This group meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Finance Board

Manages finances and budget development.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the legal and physical plant issues of the church. All members are elected.


Assist Financial Secretary by counting offerings.

Community Facilities Use

Calendar for community use of Zion facilities.

Zion Office

General Calendar

Group Leaders

Group leaders are responsible for managing group calendar and group membership.

Technology Team

Coordinates and manages technology implementations.

Calendar Managers

Provides support for managing events on the calendar including helping Group Leaders with their events and taking care of events that are not associated with a group.